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Watchmen Rorschach Play Arts Kai Action Figure by Square Enix - Pre-Order Now!
This Watchmen Rorschach Play Arts Kai Action Figure definitely passes the test! Every fine detail, expression and textures of this figure is meticulously re-created just like the way he is depicted in Watchmen, even down to his signature trench coat. Even his mannerisms and the way he stands are recreated to great detail, making sure the shoulder joints allow for a maximum range of posing, along with an interchangeable coat piece that simulates his hands in his pockets.

Also included are a wide variety of accessories that include the Wire Gun, a spray can, a piece of wood for igniting, a special effects piece that recreates a flame, a rose, and Rorschach’s Journal so the collector may recreate various iconic scenes from the Watchmen tale. Rorschach measures 9 2/5-inches tall x 4-inches wide x 2 2/5-inches tall, comes with a display stand and comes packaged in a window box.

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